This is really the most entertaining thing which I have come over after the suggestion of my uncle. My uncle is very much fond of gambling and because of his insists I debut in this world last year. And thanks to him which helped me a lot in making my spare time in fruitful way.

One thing which I would like to share with you all that if you really want to make the max gain then you should follow all the rules and regulation which will increase your strategy of playing. This one is facilitated with five reels and thirty line of pay which offers many waging of the coins. The main object of this one is to make the matching of the symbol from left to right in the active slots. There are many symbols in which you will have to hit three and for some you will have to make the hitting of two icons.

The most beautiful thing which I liked about this event is the graphics which is full of many animated icons which is very funny and will put some smile on your face. The symbols are giant mammoth, dinosaurs, casino chips and many more. The biggest win can be achieved by hitting five of the wild symbols concurrently on the same reels. This one also gives you the option of gaining some of the free spins which you can use at any instant time to make the spins of the reels.

You will get many attractive prizes and rewards and sometime some real cash too. One suggestion I would like to share with the readers is that you can make the ride with the world of gambling during the spare time to pass in good way rather than making it in habit of making it for real cash leaving behind your responsibilities.

Queen Isabella Slots

The story of Queen Isabella is a tragic one, which makes it an exciting slot game.French/Anglo political reasons forced Queen Isabella to marry King Frederic, 40 years old. She later died giving birth to his son. We all want to make history better.

It’s time for history to be rewritten. Save Queen Isabella from her husband and find her a loving and caring suitor. You will be rewarded for your success with many bonuses, including Queen Isabella Wilds, Crown Scattered Bonus, and a Multiplier Feature. You’ll also be handsomely compensated for your efforts.

Beautiful Isabella

Do not let Queen Isabella’s beauty distract you from your goal. She will likely reject your offer to marry one of the dashing suitors.

Queen’s Ransom

It’s possible to win the equivalent of a queen’s ransom. Begin by looking for the lettered symbols considered secret correspondence between Queen Isabella’s suitors King Frederic’s spies intercepted these letters. You can win between 5 and 50 times your stake if you find sets of 3-5 letters. You can also collect artifacts such as a Tiara, a Crown, and a jeweled brooch. These are worth 75 to 150 times your stake. You will also have to locate King Frederic to distract him. For this, you will get 250x your stake. However, finding the Queen’s potential suitors is worth up to 400x your stake. Your stake can be as high as 400 times if you find Queen Isabella.

Queen Isabella will likely go Wild if Prince Frederic rescues her. She will replace all symbols other than the Scattered Crown with Wild to give you many winning lines. Three or more Free Game symbols will trigger the Crown Feature. Three signs give seven free games; 4 characters give ten games; 5 symbols give 15 games. You will be granted the Multiplier Feature if the 5 C-Ro-O-W–N symbols appear during your free games. This feature allows you to choose from 5 crowns that multiply your Crown Feature winnings between 2x and 10x.

If the 5 Free Game Symbols are displayed on the first pay line, players who play the maximum number of lines are eligible for a 30,000-times-your-stake bonus.

What’s at stake?

Queen Isabella’s future wealth and life are at risk. But you’ll be happy to know this slot game suits all players. You can play 1, 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines per spin. Each line can be staked from 0.01 to 10 coins. The minimum stake per spin is 0.01 coins—maximum stake per spin: is 400 coins.

A Royal Winner

This game has a compelling storyline, lots of payouts, and exciting bonuses.